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Upload your most memorable or personalized videos for release in the future on a specific date or when the time is right.  Shine On...

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Protect your most memorable videos

Ever capture that meaningful video only to have it just sit in your phone or worse yet, have it lost for good? 

Now you can ensure your most treasured videos are safe and secure for release to those who matter most at just the right time.  Want to make sure you wish someone a Happy Birthday or other monumental occasion years in advance even if you are not around? Now you can!

We provide you with secure online storage for you to store personalized and memorable video's designated for your friends and loved ones to be released on a specified date in the future of your choosing or when you are no longer around. 

How It Works

Record and upload your Videos (FFV's)

Upload your favorite digital home videos or make personalized one's to be released on a date in the future you select or when you are no longer here. 

Identify Your Network of Lights

Once you have uploaded your FFV's, identify who will receive them. We refer to these individuals as Lights.

Let Your Lights know

For videos to be released only after you are no longer around, you will want to let the recipients know that you have uploaded an FFV and that they were chosen to be one of your Lights. They will then contact us for release of the video. Ones that are set to be released on a specific date in the future will automatically be sent to them. 

Types of Final Farewells

Video Memory FFV

Created for a specific individual or a group of people, this FFV is the perfect format to relay personal messages or memorable home videos to your loved ones that are only released when you are no longer around for that ultimate "gift".

Memorial FFV

Upload your own personalized slide show with the pictures and songs that mean the most to you. Don't leave it to your family to rummage through boxes of old pictures and  select songs they think you liked.  Create your own truly personalized memorial for whenever that day may come.


Like a digital scrapbook, LightLine videos are a great way to store your most memorable video moments and ensure they will be delivered to the person(s) of your choosing on a specific date in the future that you select. You can use it to store yearly recaps or memorable moments of you or your loved ones, creating a video timeline- videos that will only be released on a future date of your choosing (ex: birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.) even if you are no longer here. 

Interested in creating an FFV for your loved ones?

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